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Reporting a Bug

Please keep in mind that the people working on this project cannot see what's happening on your WHS. So it is vital to provide the following information along with the ticket:

Please answer the following questions when filing a bug:
  • What is the behaviour (e.g. getting an error message)?
  • What would you expect to happen (if you know)?
  • What did you do to get/reproduce the error?
  • How reliably can you reproduce the error (e.g. every time)?

It is required to attach the following files to get the required information (some files might not be there):
  • D:\folders\{a5dc1c1d-e9fa-4cec-894c-3b21559ec000}\Service.log
  • D:\folders\{a5dc1c1d-e9fa-4cec-894c-3b21559ec000}\Service.log.1
  • D:\folders\{a5dc1c1d-e9fa-4cec-894c-3b21559ec000}\Addin.log
  • D:\folders\{a5dc1c1d-e9fa-4cec-894c-3b21559ec000}\Addin.log.1
  • Screenshot, if you have one (JPEG/PNG file)

Please use the following link to send in a bug:


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PositiveCynic Mar 21, 2010 at 5:52 AM 
I am sure your aware of these issue, but I will try to add some comments. I really do not use facebook that much and a relative manages the account, but I thought I would try out this app since I have been spending my time trying out whs add-ins.

Inside the actual app. on facebook
1. News tab not implemented of course
2. My WHS tab: WHS section reads correctly that it is an HP MSS. The Storage Section: I like that the pie graph goes out to two decimals which is more than we get in MSS WHS console server storage tab. The Add0ins are correct for me, but I have been changing them and it does not update right away. Discs section has the right disc right now for my WHS. I would like to see better labels on the storage pie charts to make them easier to read for slow people.
3. Friends Tab in app. I Only see my name so I assume I am the only friend using the app that has WHS.
4. Add-ins are not listed on this tab, but as I noted they are listed under My WHS tab.
5. The Storage tab has a bunch of mislabeled info. According to the info, I have a 646.98 TB WHS !!!

Facebook relating to app.
1. Under my name in the main facebook, you can make a tab for "Home Server". However, the tab only tells someone to check "in profile". I would like for people to see the size of my WHS and see this as a big plus since it has no info concerning shared folders. It would just tell people the size and type of server with add-ins which might add to some social "networking" concerning issues relating to WHS.

Suggestion for some new stuff:

I posted on WGS a suggestion for add-in that would allow people to put "funny" labels on drives in the WHS. You could put a tab in the facebook app just for "Discs" or "Hard Drives" along with another tab in WHS console add-in for people simply wanting to name their hard drives to appear in facebook. You could also use the beginning of the product number for the drive to identify the maker. For Example instead of:

ST31500341AS, 1.36 TB (ATA, StorageDisk)
ST31500341AS, 1.36 TB (ATA, StorageDisk)
ST31500341AS, 1.36 TB (ATA, StorageDisk)
ST3750640AS, 698.64 GB (ATA, SystemDisk)

It could read:

"Still Clicking" Seagate ST31500341AS, 1.36 TB (ATA, StorageDisk)
"Future Paperweight" Seagate ST31500341AS, 1.36 TB (ATA, StorageDisk)
"Born to Run Hot" Seagate ST31500341AS, 1.36 TB (ATA, StorageDisk)
"Too Small" Seagate ST3750640AS, 698.64 GB (ATA, SystemDisk)